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Science & Tech Partnership

Partner 1.
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (the 13th Institute) has always been seen as a leading technical force with rich scientific achievements. Baian Auto Parts has over 15 years experience as a manufacturer for auto parts industry and a marketing development tycoon worldwide. In order to achieve localization of NOx Sensor and Wide band Lambda Sensor, we share the common target. After three years’ endeavor of both companies, we have finished independent research and development of automotive sensor system which could be successfully launched to the market, making up the blank in domestic market and ascending in international advanced ranks.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (the Thirteenth Institute) was founded in January, 1960. As the founder of inertial technology in China, it undertakes many national core missions. It is the manufacturing base of the important inertial technology and product development, with irreplaceable position and function in national defense field.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (the 13th Institute) has more than 3,600 employees, including the academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the national experts with outstanding contributions, with more than 210 doctors and 850 masters. As the first domestic batch of conferring master's and doctoral degree, the 13th Institute has trained more than 300 people of post doctorates, doctors and masters . It is committed to the innovation and development of China's inertia technology. After the efforts of several generations, it has successfully developed the inertial platform system, MEMS / micro optical and electrical inertial instruments and inertial systems, micro-motor and power supply, special test equipment, special photoelectric sensor information systems, and other high-tech products with completely independent intellectual property rights.

The 13th Institute has won more than 300 awards, such as National Award for Technological Invention, National Award for progress in science and technology, National Award for defense technology invention, with more than 200 patents including the overseas patents. With an advanced research and production management system, scientific quality management system and a good security system, the products are widely used in weapons systems, spacecraft, satellites, space stations, aircraft, ships, vehicles, to name a few.

Partner 2.
Baian also cooperates a lot regarding scientific research with many well-known institutes , such as CAS(China Aerospace Science and Technology Group), SJTU(Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and WZU(Wenzhou University ). With science and technology as the No. 1 productive force, Baian is devoted to the research, development and production of auto sensors, such as wide band lambda sensor, Nox sensor, air flow sensor, wheel speed sensor, etc.

We are now in the best of times. Favorable national policies, will also further promote the realization of transferring military technology to the application of commercial products.
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