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Wide Range Oxygen Sensors (O2)

Automotive oxygen sensor, also referred to as an O2 sensor or lambda sensor, is a device which determines the oxygen content of the exhaust gas. Baian Wide Range Oxygen Sensors measures the air/fuel ratio of exhaust gases over a broad range. They can be used in gasoline or diesel engine management in order to meet the ever-increasing demands for better fuel economy, lower emissions and better engine performance at the same time. The ceramic sensor body is contained in a housing which protects it against mechanical effects and facilitates mounting. The ceramic body is made of stabilized zirconium dioxide (zirconia). Its surfaces are coated with electrodes made of a gas-permeable platinum layer. In addition, a porous ceramic coating has been applied to the side exposed to the exhaust gas. This coating prevents contamination and erosion of the electrode surfaces by combustion residue and particulates in the exhaust gases. Based on Baian’s planar element design, Baian’s wide range oxygen sensors is a five wire, two cells element construction that enables higher resolution and greater accuracy.

Baian’s Wide Range Oxygen Sensors offer cost and performance advantages, including fast light-off time that will help achieve lower cold-start emissions. Baian wide range oxygen sensors also feature superior poison-resistant coatings, waterproofing, and a high-temperature internal seal to provide robust reliability.

Fast light-off time that helps reduce cold-start emissions;
High temperature resistance that provides OEMs with much needed flexibility of sensor installation location;
A wide range of working temperatures that allows consistent operation and easier engine calibration;
Superior poison-resistant coating that helps improve sensor durability;
Patented element design;
Advanced packaging design.

Baian’s Wide Range Oxygen Sensors can be used for passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle gasoline or diesel applications to help vehicle achieve better fuel economy, lower emissions and better engine performance.
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