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A nitrogen oxide sensor or NOx sensor is typically a high-temperature device built to detect nitrogen oxides in combustion environments such as an automobile or truck tailpipe or a smokestack. A NOx sensor is a critical piece of the entire system to make sure the truck and the diesel engine are meeting regulations. Baian has developed NOx sensors capable of measuring NOx density in motor vehicle exhaust gas. The NOx sensor is an evolution of the wide band oxygen sensor and its element is constructed from special ceramics that contain two oxygen density detecting chambers that work together, allowing the determination of NOx concentration. Their function is quite complex and these sensors require dedicated ECUs which are either integrated into the vehicle’s control modules or may be contained within a unit permanently attached to the sensor harness.

NO. 1 ECU Circuit of NOx Sensor
ECU is the most nuclear control system of NOx Sensor, including CJ 1939 communication protocol, heating control circuit, control circuit of oxygen electrode and control circuit of measuring electrode.
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (the 13th Institute) has excellent talents and most advanced facilities in China. They successfully researched and developed circuit with their aerospace wisdom.

NO. 2 Ceramic Chip, HTCC Technology
Baian introduced the whole set of production equipment of HTCC technology from European KEKO Company.
As for the ceramic HTCC technology, we are benefited from China Academy of Science and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Mr. Dong, the post doctorate in Chinese Academy of Sciences, guided us to master the technology and design.
Professor Zhao, the doctoral supervisor in Shanghai Jiaotong University, did lots of material analysis and theory guidance of electrochemistry.
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